Sunday, September 2, 2007

Sarah Wants to Drink, Gossip, AND Smoke

The night started out simply enough, Sarah and I, old chums that we are, just out for a drink after dinner. Labor Day Weekend with its usual stuff, a little gossip, a martini, then the urge to smoke. But what with this new city ordinance, you gotta go outside the bar to smoke. Well we caught it all here on video, easy enough, Sarah in the starring role, me supporting with the fancy camera work. Little did we realize the perils that lurked just outside. Still piecing the footage together for that one, copious amounts of urban survival PSA stuff to come. So enjoy this little appetizer before the rain, sirens and flashing lights made their way into our night.


Daniel said...

Terrific Chinese translations man!

Sarah said...

Thanks Man! Watching this This video really helped me quit smoking... oh and btw- martinis really helped with the cravings.