Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lottery and Gas Prices

In this urban place you have got to be able to take a chance, think quick and run the numbers. Below a little video clip demonstrating all three.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

P.O. Box, Cy Twombly & The 1990's in 2008

I keep a P.O. Box, just in case, in this case I am waiting on a check to come in.
The cat in the box from quantum physics, has the check arrived? Don't know until you look.

Answer: empty P.O. Box, no check, oh crap, no money for the weekend. Guess I'm going to look at art, it is free after all. Maybe there is something for me here.

Untitled (Say Goodbye Catallus, to the Shores of
Asia Minor), 1994

The images to the right, and above interspersed with the P.O. Box disappointment are from the Cy Twombly Gallery here in Houston, Texas. A monumental painting that spans the entire wall, titled "Untitled" or "Say Goodbye Catallus, to the Shores of Asia Minor"....huh? An untitled, titled painting what gives? I have given up wondering where my check is and now why and what does this painting mean, and what ultimately does it mean to me? Catallus, as we all well know (with a little help from Wikipedia : ) is an ancient Roman poet, Cy Twombly an American painter, but why are we saying Goodbye, where are we going? This painting is about a journey, a travel by sea, to some place else, An Odyssey, a canvas filled with tumult and confusion mixed with peaceful some what blank spaces. Lyrical and beautiful, this painting, and I know one thing, my check will arrive from it's journey to my P.O. Box any day now, but I will be wondering about the trip from the shores of Asia Minor for a long time to come.

Just something I spied from P.O. Box to Twombly Gallery
Oh, and the 90's are alive and well to some home builders. New construction, picture taken March of 08, right here in the Montrose, is complete with red brick, brick columns and white arch keystones. Hey, I hear there is this new thing called the interweb and www dot com something and it is really going to be big.

Friday, March 21, 2008

A Sign of the Times

The fall of 2007, reads the sign above, most definately an unintentional double meaning. It is now almost spring of 2008 and the above development sits vacant and unbuilt, two things are at work here:

1. 2007 saw the fall of the real estate market across the board and

2. if the developers could build and sell their design above they would most certainly have dropped a slab and started to it.

So what are we talking about right here, right now, just this, a total melt down of the underlying assets that make up the real estate market. Not the paper, the mortgages, the stuff people on CNBC like to talk about, but the real assets, the land, the house, those people who live in these spaces that these instruments represent. Climb on board and fasten your seat belt because this is about to get a lot worse. "Spectacular" reads the sign below, and in the past few years, a builder could get by with a rendering, a fancy sign and this sort of BS. Not now. The only thing that will be spectacular about upcoming housing market trends is how fast and how precipitous the fall of home values will be. How do I know.... I don't, but the builders you see laying down new slabs and putting up frames through out the city are just whistling past the cemetery, hoping that no one says boo. Well...BOO!

P.S. Does that look Spectacular? You tell me, Pre-construction pricing is still available, I'm sure, but only for a limited time...Say 2010.